Born and raised in Germany, Myra Brodsky grew up with an interest in drawing and painting. Roughly 13 years ago, she moved to Berlin to study visual communication. Subsequnetly she fell into tattooing by accident.

In 2008, a friend at art school gave her a tattoo machine, where she first tattooed herself. Over the next four years of practicing and growing, she developed her own illustration and tattoo style, which combines details found in 1920’s Art Nouveau paintings with new school themes. In 2012, Myra opened her own tattoo shop, but after a few years decided that she preferred to spend time traveling and tattooing at shops all over the world. Since then, Myra has spent time creating tattoos in Amsterdam, London, Copenhagen, Paris, Zurich, Munich, Los Angeles, and New York.

Myra has made many impressive accomplishments creatively over the past couple years. In 2015, Myra had her first solo art exhibition in Berlin, and in 2016, a pop-up at the BRIGHT Trade show for Berlin Fashion Week. Also in 2016, Myra Brodsky released her first book, containing tattoos and illustrations from 2011-2015. Her artwork was used for the design for Diesel’s “Loverdose Tattoo” fragrances. She has been featured in various publications, including Total Tattoo magazine, VICE and The Huffington Post, among others.


Strongly influenced by art nouveau, art deco and the Victorian era, the rococo, baroque and renaissance painting, Brodsky’s tattoo style is fused with the past and present. Her work is sweet and innocent but met with a kind of darkness. She is part of the “new traditional” tattoo movement, which brings together old school customs with a new school edge. She is also influenced by new realism, an early 20th century art movement. “Anything from the past has a big influence on my work,” she says.


Myra has been featured in various publications, including Total Tattoo magazine, VICE and The Huffington Post, among others, including Ink Magazine, Needles & Sins and Things & Ink.


“Myra Brodsky Tattoos, 2010-2015” is the artist's first coffee table book featuring recent paintings and best of tattoos.




The tattoo design for DIESEL's "Loverdose Tattoo" fragrance.




Myra has been featured at the BRIGHT Tradeshow in Berlin, the Mondial du Tatouage in Paris and various tattoo conventions across Europe and the UK.


When I started traveling around and not being in one single place anymore, I finally had to chance to absorb any kind of new inspiration wherever I went. I saw Europe as a slow place to chill down and relax. It gave me a chance to have a basis consisting of classic oil paintings, ancient architecture and historical visual language.

When I finally started working in the States, I felt a new breeze of comic like sweetness and ironic simplicity which made me curious. My common idols from all the classic periods of art finally met a further more modern inspiration and I started mixing art history with the inspiration I took from old animated cartoons by Ralph Bakshi, Terry Gilliam or Bill Plympton and made them mine.

The 19th century realism movement inspired my work a lot at the time. Honoré Daumier’s satirical twist had a strong influence although my work has never had a political background. I liked playing around with the natural look of John William Waterhouse’s interacting characters while Toulouse Lautrec’s simplicity in his prints helped me a lot to make my work more tattooable.

Magic happens every day. It just depends on what you consider magic. I wish I had faith in it but unfortunately my inner rational part is too dominant. I just prefer uncanny and ambiguous imagery.


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